Johnny Lever

Profession: Actor, Comedian

Brothers of Johnny Lever

Jimmy Moses (actor, playback singer, stand-up comedian & mimicry artist) & 1 more (both younger)

Father of Johnny Lever

Prakash Rao Janumala (an operator in Hindustan Lever Ltd)

Mother of Johnny Lever

Karunamma Janumala

Wife/Spouse of Johnny Lever

Sujatha Johnrao Janumala

Favourite Music Director of Johnny Lever

Kalyanji-Anandji duo

Controversies of Johnny Lever

On 8 December 1998, he was sentenced 7 days of imprisonment for disrespecting the Indian Constitution and the Indian National Anthem on the birthday party of Anis Ibrahim's son in Dubai. Anis is the brother of Dawood Ibrahim.  

Information about Johnny Lever


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