Prakash Raj

Profession: Actor, Filmmaker

Brothers of Prakash Raj

Prasad Raj (Actor)

Father of Prakash Raj

Manjunath Rai

Mother of Prakash Raj

Swarnalatha Raj (Nurse)

Wife/Spouse of Prakash Raj

Lalitha Kumari (Actress, 19942009), Pony Verma (Choreographer, 2010)

Affairs/Girlfriends of Prakash Raj

Pony Verma (Choreographer )

Favourite Actress of Prakash Raj


Favourite Film of Prakash Raj


Favourite Food of Prakash Raj


Controversies of Prakash Raj

Due to the conspiracy of many fellow actors and filmmakers, he has been banned by the Telugu film industry 6 times.   His naked appearance for a scene in his film "Ongole Githa" caused a controversy.   In 2017, at the inauguration of the 11th State meet of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), Prakash Raj targeted PM Narendra Modi on his stand after the gruesome murder of gutsy journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru, and said, "'Who killed my dear friend Gauri is not as important to me today as who has been celebrating her death. There may not be proof as to who killed Gauri but we can see who is celebrating it and from this, we can form an idea of who could have killed her. The underlying cruelty in all of this is apparent to many people. Many of those celebrating Gauri's death are persons followed by the Prime Minister on social media. The PM has been absolutely silent about these people."  

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