Bharat Bhushan

Profession: Film Actor

Brother of Bharat Bhushan


Father of Bharat Bhushan

Raibahadur Motilal

Wife/Spouse of Bharat Bhushan

Ratna Bhushan
Sharadha Bhushan

Awards of Bharat Bhushan

1955 – Won, Filmfare Best Actor Award for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
1956 – Nominated, Filmfare Best Actor Award for Mirza Ghalib

Information about Bharat Bhushan

They had two daughters, Anuradha and Aparijitha. Anuradha had polio-associated complications.  Did Bharat Bhushandrink alcohol?: Yes  Place of Death - Bombay, Maharashtra, India  He was one of the few actors who had a good sense of music, so most music-based movies were made with him in lead roles in the 1950s and 1960s.  Date of Death 27 January 1992  Did Bharat Bhushan smoke?: Yes  Bharat Bhushan Bhalla was an Indian actor in Hindi language films, scriptwriter and producer  Two of his films, 'Basant Bahar' and 'Barsaat ki Raat' were immensely successful,  Bharat Bhushan is more clever than most other people.  He is an Indian Film Actor, Film Producer & Screenwriter.  He was an avid reader and boasted of his collection of books, which he had to sell off like his cars and bungalows in bad times  Bharat Bhushan owned bungalows in Bandra, Bombay and other areas 

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