Viju Khote

Profession: Television and Bollywood Actor

Father of Viju Khote

Nandu Khote (Actor)

Sister of Viju Khote

Shubha Khote

Sons of Viju Khote

Sunil Khote, Lucky Khote

Wife/Spouse of Viju Khote


Information about Viju Khote

He is famous as the dacoit Kalia in the film Sholay and the dialogue, Sardar maine aapka namak khaya hai  Their father Nandu Khote was a noted stage actor and in silent movies, whose sister-in-law was actress Durga Khote  Does Viju Khote drink alcohol?: Not Known  He is actress Shubha Khote's younger brother by 5 years  He has also acted in Marathi theatre over the years  Does Viju Khote smoke?: Not Known  Viju Khote is an Indian actor who is known for his work in more than 300 films in Hindi and Marathi cinema 

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