Rajesh Khanna

Profession: Actor, Producer, Politician

Father of Rajesh Khanna

Lala Hiranand (Biological Father, Headmaster), Chunnilal Khanna (Adoptive Father)

Mother of Rajesh Khanna

Chandrani Khanna (Biological Mother), Leelawati Khanna (Adoptive Mother)

Sister of Rajesh Khanna


Affairs/Girlfriends of Rajesh Khanna

Anju Mahendru, Fashion designer and Actress (1968-1972)
Tina Ambani, Actress (1980-1987)
Anita Advani (Rumoured)

Favourite Actors of Rajesh Khanna

Guru Dutt, Dilip Kumar

Favourite Actress of Rajesh Khanna

Meena Kumari, Geeta Bali

Favourite Colour of Rajesh Khanna


Controversies of Rajesh Khanna

After Rajesh Khanna's Death, a woman named Anita Advani sent a legal notice to his family claiming a compensation as she stated that she was in a live-in relationship with the deceased.  

Information about Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna had played double roles in as many as 12 movies viz. Raaz, Aradhna, Dharm aur Kannon, Kudrat, Sachcha Jhootha, Humshakal, Hum Dono, Unche Log, Mehbooba, Bhola Bhala, Dard, and Mahachor.  Rajesh Khanna wanted to marry Anju Mahendru, who was in a relationship with him for 7 years. But she was not ready for marriage, so they parted ways. Interestingly, when Rajesh Khanna was getting married to Dimple Kapadia, while heading to the wedding venue, he went through the same street in which Anju Mahendru lived.  In 1992, Rajesh Khanna won the by-election, which he had lost to L.K. Advani in 1991. He claimed that the other party had cheated to win, so the elections were organised again in 1992. After this victory, he worked for 5 years as an MP and did not work in any movie except 'Khudai' (1994).  His first film, 'Akhri Khat', was nominated for Oscars and went till final five.  He had a huge female fan following. Many of them had even sent him love letters written with blood. In fact, some of them had also got married to his photograph. Thus, he always needed police protection while in public.  For almost 3 decades of his career, he appeared in only 20 films, which starred more than one male lead actor.  Did Rajesh Khanna Drink : Yes  In his 45-year long career, Rajesh Khanna worked in around 180 movies.  He was the first Bollywood actor to have received the title of a 'Super Star' by film critics.  Rajesh Khana and Jitendra (Actor) went to St. Sebastian's Gaon High School together. Also Rajesh Khana helped Jitendra in acting for his first audition.  Rajesh Khanna's father was against his becoming an actor, even then he participated in a talent contest, organised by Filmfare, which he won among 10,000 participants.  Super Star Rajesh Khanna was an adopted child. He was adopted by his biological Father's relative Chunni Lal Khanna, who was very rich.  Rajesh Khanna used to sit and participate in the presentation and recording of his movie's solo songs with the music director and Kishor Kumar. Notably, Kishor Kumar had sung most of the songs for Rajesh Khanna.  The famous song 'Roop Tera Mastana' from the movie Aradhna was filmed in a single shot.  Did Rajesh Khanna Smoke : Yes  All the movies wherein he acted alongside actress Mumtaz were blockbusters.  Rajesh Khanna owned a MG sports car in early 60's and used to ride it for the auditions during his struggling period. His father had also bought MG Magnette mark IV, MG Midgit Sports Cars and MG MGA Roadster 1600 model, which he used to drive. 

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