Vinod Khanna

Profession: Actor, producer, politician

Brothers of Vinod Khanna

Pramod Khanna

Father of Vinod Khanna

Kishanchand Khanna (Textiles Businessman)

Mother of Vinod Khanna

Kamla Khanna

Sister of Vinod Khanna

Poonam Kapur, Neena Chandhok, Beena Walia

Affairs/Girlfriends of Vinod Khanna

Amrita Singh, Actress

Favourite Actors of Vinod Khanna

Dilip Kumar, Marlon Brando

Favourite Colour of Vinod Khanna


Favourite Directors of Vinod Khanna

Prakash Mehra, Mahmohan Desai, Raj Khosla, Feroz Khan

Favourite Film of Vinod Khanna

Mughal-E-Azam (1960)

Controversies of Vinod Khanna

During the shoot of Mahesh Bhatt's "Prem Dharam (1992)", a steamy bed scene between leads Vinod Khanna and actress Dimple Kapadia left the latter embarrassed. Reportedly, Khanna continued with kissing Dimple even after the director shouted 'Cut'. Things turned worse when the crew had to forcefully pull Khanna out of the bed. Later, the actor apologized to Dimple stating that he had lost control over his senses as he was drunk.   Vinod Khanna and Madhuri Dixit's intimate scene in the film Dayavan (1988) created quite a stir at the time of the movie's release. The fans were reportedly upset by the fact that Khanna was around 20-years older than Madhuri.  

Information about Vinod Khanna

Khanna's 1980 Blockbuster film, Qurbani, was first offered to Amitabh Bachchan. The latter, however, denied the offer and his 'loss' became Khanna's 'gain.'  Does Vinod Khanna drink alcohol: No  Khanna aspired to be an engineer at first; however, his father admitted him to a commerce college so that he could assist in carrying the family business (of textiles) forward.  Interestingly, Sanjay Dutt's debut film, Rocky, was first offered to Vinod Khanna.  In a weird move, Khanna completely abandoned his acting career in 1982 and became a disciple of spiritual guru- Osho. For this purpose, he immigrated to 'Rajneeshpuram', Osho's commune in the United States, where he stayed for about five years, and became the latter's 'gardener'.  In an interview, Khanna revealed that his father never supported any decision that he made. When Khanna told his father that he wanted to act, his father pointed a gun at him and said that Khanna would breathe his last if he goes against his father's decision. However, her mother intervened and eventually convinced the 'head of the family', but with a condition that if Khanna fails to establish himself even after a period of two years, he would then join the family business.  Although the film industry was booming with the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Rishi Kapoor, Jeetendra, Dharmendra and Jackie Shroff, Khanna still managed to become the second highest paid actor from 1987-1994.  Khanna was born in a Punjabi family. Soon after his birth, the country underwent partition and his family migrated from Peshawar to Mumbai.  Does Vinod Khanna smoke: No (used to smoke)  Back here, his wife, Gitanjali, and their sons- Akshaye and Rahul felt completely deserted. As a result, the couple eventually divorced and Khanna joined the film industry again.  He was never interested in getting a commerce degree and hence started participating in other co-curricular activities in college, one of which was 'theater'.  Fortunately for Khanna, within a week of release of his debut film, Mann Ki Baat, the actor had as many as 15 film offers on the table.  During the same time, he fell in love with one of her theater mates named Gitanjali. After a few months of courtship, the couple decided to get married as soon as they find some employment.  In July 2002, Khanna was appointed the Union Minister for culture and tourism. 

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