Zeenat Aman

Profession: Actress, Model

Father of Zeenat Aman

Amanullah Khan (Script writer, Biological Father), Heinz (Step-father)

Mother of Zeenat Aman

Scinda Heinz (aka Vardhini)

Favourite Actor of Zeenat Aman

Raj Kapoor

Controversies of Zeenat Aman

She got into controversy for her bold scenes in 'Satyam Shivam Sunder' (1978)   She was in news for the trouble with her abusive marriage with her first husband, Sanjay Khan. The couple got separated within a year of their marriage.   On 22 March 2018, she has filed a rape case against a Mumbai-based businessman, Aman Khanna alias Sarfaraz, at Juhu police station, after which the got arrested the very next day. According to her, Aman raped her on many occasions between 2011 and 2016, seized 5 flats of her by forging property documents, and sold her jewellery worth ₹15.4 crore.  

Information about Zeenat Aman

Does Zeenat Aman smoke?: Not Known  Zeenat Aman is the daughter of late Amanullah Khan, who wrote the scripts of the movies, 'Mughal-e-Azam' and 'Pakeezah'. He died when Zeenat was a 13-year-little girl. Zeenat has adopted her father's name as her surname (Aman).  Although most of the people consider 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna' as her debut film, she had done two films before it, namely 'Hulchul' (1971) and 'Hungama' (1971).  Zeenat Aman gained more popularity with the song 'Chura liya hai' from the movie 'Yadon ki Barat' (1973). Interestingly, Zeenat was supposed to wear a salwar suit in the song, which she is wearing before the song in the movie. But she changed the dress for the song saying, 'I am not comfortable. Because it's not me'.  Zeenat Aman was the third choice for the character of Janice/Jasbir Jaiswal. She got the role because none of the first two (Mumtaz and Zaheeda) agreed to play Dev Anand's sister in the movie.  Does Zeenat Aman drink alcohol?: Not Known  Zeenat Aman has also participated in many contests. She was the second runner up in Miss India beauty pageant (1970). She was the first woman from India to win the title of 'Miss Pacific Asia' (1970). She also represented India in Manila and won another title 'Miss Photogenic'.  She had real bad experience with her married life. She got divorced in one year of her marriage with Sanjay Khan and was also assaulted by his first wife. Also in her second marriage, nothing went well, she again got disheartened and left her husband after a 12-year-long troubled marriage.  She broke away from the stereotype, when she refused bouffants and let her silky and shiny tresses fall on to her shoulders freely. She hardly dressed in sarees and suits and rather gracefully flaunted her beautiful body in a 'bikini'.  In an interview she admitted that she got married not because she wanted a life partner, but she wanted to become a mother.  Zeenat was disappointed with the failure of her first two movies and became non-serious about her acting career. She was about to leave the country with her mother and step father even before the release of 'Hare Rama Hare Krishna', but Dev Anand insisted her to stay until the release. The commercial success of the movie forced her to re-thing about continuing as an actress in Bollywood.  Zeenat Aman went with makeup of a burnt face and with a village girl getup to Raj Kapoor. She told him that it was her interpretation of 'Rupa' (the lead character of 'Satyam Shivam Sundram', 1978). He was really impressed with her effort and immediately signed Zeenat for the lead role and gave her some gold guineas as signing amount. 

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