Piyush Mishra

Profession: Actor, Poet, Lyricist, Music Director, Singer, Scriptwriter

Father of Piyush Mishra

Pratap Kumar Sharma

Mother of Piyush Mishra

Taradevi Mishra

Wife/Spouse of Piyush Mishra

Priya Narayanan (m. 1995- present)

Affairs/Girlfriends of Piyush Mishra

Priya Narayanan (Architect)

Favourite Directors of Piyush Mishra

Tigmanshu Dhulia, Anurag Kashyap

Controversy of Piyush Mishra

In 2018, during the MeToo campaign, Ketki Joshi, former newspaper staffer alleged that he sexually harassed her in 2014.  

Information about Piyush Mishra

'Piyush Mishra' was the name he had coined for himself after completing his matriculation. This was the time, he began growing as a theatre artist, and despite all the appreciation that he bagged, his parents wanted him to focus on studies.  During his time in the NSD, he composed his first music sheet for 'Mashreeki Hoor,' a Parsi play.  He had written his first poem 'Zinda ho haan tum koi Shaq Nahi' as an eighth-grader.  Mani Ratnam gave him the role in the film 'Dil Se' upon the recommendation of casting director Tigmanshu Dhulia.  Though his parents got him admitted to the Carmel Convent School to help him nourish his academics, he instead became more inclined towards the extracurricular activities like singing, acting, and painting.  With a desire of getting out of his hometown, he appeared for the entrance exam of National School of Drama in 1983 and eventually got the admission there.  Piyush was born as Priyakant Sharma and at an early age, adopted by his father's eldest sister, who had no children.  All those years in Delhi, he had become a boozer, the result of which was exhaustion, physically, and morally. After having spent 20 long years in the city, Piyush moved to Mumbai with his family in 2003.  When Piyush was in the second year at NSD, a German director named Fritz Bennewitz introduced him to acting and cast him as the title lead in 'Hamlet.'  Piyush met his better half in 1992 at the School of Planning and Architecture when he was directing a play there. His friendship with N.K. Sharma fell apart soon after he got married in 1995, which later restored after 7 years.  He began working as a theatre director after graduating in 1986. Piyush then helped director N.K. Sharma in starting the theatre group 'Act One' in 1990. Piyush began displaying himself as an atheist like his friend Sharma was, while in reality, he believed in God.  Does Piyush Mishra drink alcohol: No (Used to be an alcoholic)  Does Piyush Mishra smoke: Not Known 

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