Anupam Kher

Profession: Actor, Producer, Director, Teacher, Entrepreneur

Brother of Anupam Kher

Raju Kher (Younger, Actor)

Father of Anupam Kher

Pushkarnath Kher (Worked as a Clerk in the Forest Department)

Mother of Anupam Kher

Dulari Kher (Homemaker)

Wife/Spouse of Anupam Kher

First Wife- Madhumalti Kapoor (Actress, Divoced in the early 1980s)
Second Wife- Kirron Kher (m. 1985-present)

Favourite Actor(s) of Anupam Kher

Robert De Niro, Ranbir Kapoor

Favourite Actress of Anupam Kher

Vidya Balan

Favourite Food(s) of Anupam Kher

Fried Prawns In Hunan Sauce, Kashmiri Dum Aloo, Rajmah-Chawal, Chinese Cuisines

Favourite Politician of Anupam Kher

Narendra Modi

Favourite Restaurant of Anupam Kher

Sampan in Mumbai

Filmfare Awards of Anupam Kher

1984: Best Actor for the film 'Saaransh'
1988: Best Supporting Actor for the film 'Vijay'
1989: Best Comedian for the film 'Ram Lakhan'
1991: Best Comedian for the film 'Lamhe'
1992: Best Comedian for the film 'Khel'
1993: Best Comedian for the film 'Darr'
1995: Best Comedian for the film 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge'

National Film Awards of Anupam Kher

1990: Special Jury Award for the film Daddy
2005: Special Jury Award for the film 'Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara'

Other Awards of Anupam Kher

2006: Global Indian Film Award - Best Actor in a Comic Role (Critics) for the film 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'
2015: Kalakar Award for The Actor of the Year
2018: Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Smruti Pratishthan Award

Controversies of Anupam Kher

In May 2016, Anupam Kher raked up a storm on Twitter when he shared a collage of Kashmiri Pandits killed during the 1990 exodus. The tweet came in regard to the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen's 'poster boy' Burhan Wani in an encounter. Twitteratis felt that the tweet instigated 'hate thoughts'.   In January 2016, Kader Khan had a dig at Anupam Kher after seeing his name on the Padma awardees' list. Khan was quoted as saying, "What has Anupam Kher done to receive the Padma Bhushan?"   Anupam and the Congress Politician, Shashi Tharoor, have been involved in mulitple Twitter battles over various issues. For instance, in 2016, after Shashi made a comment on Anupam's statement, "I am scared to be called a Hindu," and Anupam called him a "Congi Chamcha."   In January 2019, a Patna-based lawyer, Sudhir Kumar Ojha, filed a case against Anupam Kher and Akshaye Khanna to Muzaffarpur's Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) for damaging the image of Manmohan Singh and Sanjaya Baru in the film 'Accidental Prime Minister' (2019).  

Information about Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher Performing A Play In Younger Days  Anupam Kher's Childhood Photo  Anupam Kher With His Family Inside Kherwadi  When he first reached Chandigarh for the walk-ins, he was given an option to perform either on a script for girls or boys. Intuitively, he chose the script for girls. His interviewer, Balwant Gargi, gave him the remark, 'Very bad but very daring.'  When he was studying at the Himachal Pradesh University, he saw a walk-in audition advertisement of Panjab University, Chandigarh; offering a scholarship of ?200. To attend the audition, Anupam stole ?118 from his mother, which she had kept at their house's temple.  In the evening of the same day, he returned to Shimla, where he saw the police being called by his parents about the lost money. When his mother asked him about the money, Anupam confidently lied and said that he knows nothing. A week later, when his father asked him, 'Where had you gone that day?' he uttered the truth and received a tight slap from his mother. However, his father supported him and said,  He is a staunch believer of astrology.  Anupam Kher With Kirron Kher in the 1980s  In the late 1970s, Kirron married Gautam Berry, whereas, Anupam married Madhumalati, however, their friendship and doing theatre together, still continued.  After being rejected by several film producers, he met Mahesh Bhatt, who offered him a film 'Saaransh' (1984). However, the producers of the Rajshri Films didn't want to experiment with a new face and opted for Sanjeev Kumar. When Anupam came to know about his exit from the film, he reached Mahesh Bhatt with frustration and called him a 'con man.' Mahesh stood by Anupam and gave an ultimatum to the production house that he would do the film only if Anupam will be given the lead role.  Anupam Kher As Mahatma Gandhi In Raj Se Swaraj Tak  Don't worry he is getting a scholarship of ?200, he will return your ?100.'  People for Animals (PFA)  Anupam Kher At Panjab University, Chandigarh in 1974  On 27 July 1974, he again reached Chandigarh, this time for a longer stint. While learning the dramatic skills at Panjab University, the first lesson that he learned by Balwant Gargi, was how to pour tea properly.  He has also essayed the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the 1986 TV Series 'Raj Se Swaraj Tak.'  After living in the rented houses for several years, Anupam bought the first ever house for his family in Shimla in 2016. He gifted it to his mother and named it 'Kherwadi.'  During his initial days in Mumbai, he used to live in a chawl. When he was struggling for survival in Mumbai, he called his brother from Shimla, who started working at a tin factory in Mumbai; earning a salary of ?700, which made Anupam's survival a bit easier.  In his childhood, he was a below average student who never scored more than 38 marks. Moreover, he was also mediocre at sports. The only field in which he excelled was theatre and drama.  Does Anupam Kher smoke: No (Quit)  In 2008, he founded 'Anupam Kher Foundation,' which aims at providing education to underprivileged children and medical care to people with life-limiting diseases.  Anupam Kher Foundation  Anupam passed out of NSD in 1978, after which he got a job of a lecturer in drama at the Bhartendu Drama Centre in Lucknow. After a year, he left Lucknow and reached Mumbai on 3 June 1981, where his real struggle began.  He is one of the co-founders of People for Animals (PFA), one of India's largest animal welfare organization.  Anupam Kher (left) With Raju Kher (right)  Does Anupam Kher drink alcohol: Yes  After the success of 'Saaransh,' he was offered nearly 100 films in just a span of two weeks.  He has starred in nearly 500 films in multiple languages including Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, English, and Chinese.  Anupam was born into a middle-class Kashmiri Pandit family with roots in Srinagar.  Anupam Kher's Childhood Photo With His Mother  His face has been utilised by the popular YouTube prank caller 'California Crook.'  During his one year stint at Panjab University's Department of Theatre, he did theatre plays with Balwant Gargi and Amal Allana, he earned a gold medal that provided him with a direct entry at the National School of Drama (NSD).  The derailed marriage lives of both Anupam and Kirron made them realize love for each other when they both were in Kolkata for a theatre play. According to Kirron, 'When he was leaving the room, he looked back at me, and something passed between us. He came and knocked on my door, and said 'I want to talk to you. He then said, 'I think I have fallen in love with you.' And suddenly there was this immense, intense change, the chemistry exploded. I got a divorce and married him. He had nothing then.'  Anupam first met Kirron Kher when they were both doing theatre in Chandigarh and later became the best of friends.  Anupam Kher In Younger Days  He took his artistic skills to the next level when he was pursuing his graduation in Government College, Shimla, and was named the best actor of Himachal Pradesh University.  His initial stint as a producer didn't work out well; as he was under huge debt. To repay the debts, his wife, Kirron supported him by again working in Bollywood. 

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