General Vijay Kumar Singh

Profession: Politician, Retired Indian Army Personnel

Daughters of General Vijay Kumar Singh

Mrinalini Singh
Yogja Singh

Wife of General Vijay Kumar Singh

Bharti Singh (m.1975- present)

Favourite Politician of General Vijay Kumar Singh

Narendra Modi

Controversies of General Vijay Kumar Singh

At the fag end of his career, a dispute regarding his date of birth, caused him to become the first serving officer of the Indian Army to take the government to court. Mr. Singh lost the age war when the Supreme Court if India "refused to intervene." The court ruled that Singh had on three occasions accepted the misrecorded date.   In 2012, in an interview given to the BBC, Mr, Singh said that he had reported to A. K. Antony, the then defence minister of India, that he had been offered a bribe of US$2.7 million if the army bought several hundred sub-standard vehicles. In a rebuttal to the interview, Antony said that he had requested at the time that Singh provide a written report regarding the incident and that this had never been submitted.  

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