Profession: Mystic, Spiritual Teacher and Leader of The Rajneesh Movement

Brothers of Osho

Vijay Kumar Khate, Shailendra Shekhar, Amit Mohan Khate, Aklank Kumar Khate, Niklank Kumar Jain

Father of Osho

Babulal Jain (Sw Devateerth Bharti) (Mar 21, 1908-Sep 8, 1979)

Mother of Osho

Saraswati Bai Jain (Ma Amrit Saraswati) (Nov 23, 1913-May 17, 1995)

Sisters of Osho

Rasa Kumari, Snehlata Jain, Nisha Khate, Neeru Singhai

Affairs/Girlfriends of Osho

Sheela Ambalal Patel or Ma Anand Sheela
Ma Prem Nirvano (Ma Yoga Vivek) (Allegedly)

Controversies of Osho

The federal grand jury of Portland prosecuted him with his disciples for creating a conspiracy to evade immigration laws on 23 October 1985.   Due to his involvement in the serious crimes of bioterror attack (food poisoning of 751 individuals in The Dalles, Oregon in 1984 and an assassination plot to murder US Attorney Charles H Turner in 1985, he was arrested with his sannyasins in October 1985 and was given ten- years suspended sentence with five years' trial and a $400,000 penalty, later he deported from the United States through an Alford plea bargain.   21 countries of the world denied him entry after his exile from the United States.   He called orthodox Indian religions as dead with empty rituals and stated that the backwardness of India can be treated through capitalism, birth control, and science.   His ashram defamed due to the Encounter group's therapies like physical aggression and sexual encounters between participants.   Some foreign sannyasins of his ashram were also alleged for prostitution and drugs business.   In 1970, the Indian government cancelled the tax-exempt status of his ashram and denied visas to those foreigners who wanted to visit his ashram in India.   In May 1980, believing him to be an agent of the CIA, Vilas Tupe a young Hindu fundamentalist tried to kill him during one of his discourses.   According to intellectual observers, his late seventies lectures were less focused intellectually and were more ethnic filled with dirty jokes to entertain the audience.  

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