Sachin Pilot

Profession: Politician

Brother-in-law of Sachin Pilot

Omar Abdullah (former Chief Minister of J&K)

Father of Sachin Pilot

Late Rajesh Pilot (former Indian Politician)

Father-in-law of Sachin Pilot

Farooq Abdullah (former Chief Minister of J&K)

Mother of Sachin Pilot

Rama Pilot

Mother-in-law of Sachin Pilot

Molly Abdullah

Sister of Sachin Pilot

Sarika Pilot

Wife/Spouse of Sachin Pilot

Sarah Pilot

Affairs/Girlfriends of Sachin Pilot

Sarah Abdullah

Favourite Leader(s) of Sachin Pilot

Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru

Favourite Politician(s) of Sachin Pilot

Manmohan Singh, Rajiv Gandhi

Controversy of Sachin Pilot

In October 2017, he challenged in the Rajasthan High Court BJP Government's controversial Ordinance from taking up cases against legislators, ministers and officials without the government's sanctions and prevents media from naming public servants involved in corruption cases.  

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