Arun Gawli

Profession: Politician

Brother of Arun Gawli

Bappa Gawli (Died)

Daughters of Arun Gawli

Geeta Gawli, Yogita Gawli, Asmita Gawli

Father of Arun Gawli

Gulabrao (Worked in the mill industry)

Mother of Arun Gawli

Lakshmibai Gulab Gawli

Sister of Arun Gawli

Ashalata Gawli

Son of Arun Gawli

Mahesh Gawli

Wife/Spouse of Arun Gawli

Asha Gawli (Politician, She was Muslim before and was called, Zubeida Mujawar, but converted to Hinduism after marrying Arun Gawli)

Favourite Food of Arun Gawli

Vada Pav

Controversies of Arun Gawli

In 1986, he was arrested in the murder case of criminals Parasnath Pandey and Sashi Rasham, the kingpin of the Cobra Gang.   His gang killed Shiv Sena's MLA Ramesh More, Balasaheb Thackeray's confidant Jayant Jadhav and minority commission chief & MLA Ziauddin Bukhari.   In 2007, he hired contract killers to murder Shiv Sena's corporator Kamlakar Jamsandekar.  

Information about Arun Gawli


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