Kanhaiya Kumar

Profession: Politician

Brother of Kanhaiya Kumar

Prince Kumar
Manikant Singh

Father of Kanhaiya Kumar

Jaishankar Singh

Mother of Kanhaiya Kumar

Meena Devi

Sister of Kanhaiya Kumar


Controversies of Kanhaiya Kumar

On 12 February 2016, Kanhaiya Kumar and 2 other students of the JNU were arrested by the Delhi Police for raising anti-national slogans. They were charged under IPC 124-A (Sedition) & 120-B (Criminal Conspiracy)   On 15 February 2016, when Kanhaiya Kumar was being taken to the Patiala House Court, New Delhi for his hearing in the sedition and criminal conspiracy case, a group of lawyers invaded the police line and beat him up; stating they wanted to teach Kanhaiya Kumar a lesson   After his release from jail. he received many death threats for his alleged anti-national speech by politicians and lawyers   On 10 March 2016, he was abused and beaten up by a man from Ghaziabad; who accused him of being a Deshdrohi (Traitor)   On 15 March 2016, he was attacked by 4 people while Kanhaiya was addressing a gathering outside the parliament demanding the release of the other 2 students who were arrested along with him. The police intervened and the 4 individuals were taken away by the police   On 9 April 2016, he gave a statement that he'll be naming his children Bharat Mata Ki Jai so as to get free education for them in the name of patriotism. He reportedly gave this statement as a response, when the RSS was forcing people to say Bharat Mata Ki Jai to show and prove patriotism  

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