Yogendra Yadav

Profession: Politician, Psephologist, Professor

Father of Yogendra Yadav

Devendra Singh

Sister of Yogendra Yadav

Dr Neelam Yadav,
Dr Poonam Yadav

Wife/Spouse of Yogendra Yadav

Madhulika Banerjee

Awards, Honours, Achievements of Yogendra Yadav

2008: Malcolm Adiseshiah Award for Development Studies
2009: Global South Solidarity Award by the International Political Science Association

Controversy of Yogendra Yadav

22 Lakhs were recovered by the Income Tax department from Yogendra Yadav's sisters' clinic in Rewari. Targeting the Modi government, Yogendra claimed that around 100 officials came to raid the hospital and seized the hospital including ICU despite the fact women delivering babies there. He challenged Modi Government to raid him and not to target his family and refuted all the allegations against him stating that he does not know about the accounts of the hospital. As per the reports, officials raided his hospitals; as they received information from the Nirav Modi group that Gautam Yadav (Yogendra's nephew) paid 3.25 lakhs out of 6.50 lakhs after purchasing jewelry from Nirav Modi's firm.  

Information about Yogendra Yadav

He has been a political commentator on a number of channels and has analyzed elections on a number of television networks like Doordarshan, NDTV, and CNN-IBN.  In an interview, on being asked the reason for his change of name, he said 'My grandfather was a school headmaster. He was killed trying to stop a Muslim mob from entering the school. My father was seven years old then. He also witnessed another massacre during the Partition. It was after that he decided to give his children Muslim names.'  He founded the Lokniti network in 1995-2000.  Does Yogendra Yadav smoke?: Not Known  He has been a professor of political science at Punjab University (1985-1993).  Does Yogendra Yadav drink alcohol?: Not Known  In 2010, he served as a member of the National Advisory Council for the implementation of the Right to Education Act.  When he was 5, his name was changed to Yogendra from Salim because he was being bullied by Hindu children at his school.  He acted as an advisor to Rahul Gandhi in 2009 elections.  In July 2011, his appointment as a member of the UGC (University Grants Commission) was rejected by the Ministry of Human Resource Development; as they considered his involvement with the political party AAP as a conflict in interest.  When Yadav was ousted from the political party AAP in 2015 after the alleged Anti-Party Activities charges, Anna Hazare went on to meet Arvind Kejriwal for suggesting that Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan should not have been thrown out from the party. He advised him that the three should patch up and work together again. In 2017, when Arvind Kejriwal was accused of corruption allegations, Anna Hazare showed his Disappointment towards AAP and Kejriwal.  In 2004, he became a senior member of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS). 

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