Raj Thackeray

Profession: Indian Politician and Illustrator

Father of Raj Thackeray

Shrikant Thackeray

Mother of Raj Thackeray

Kunda Thackeray

Wife of Raj Thackeray

Sharmila Thackeray

Major Controversies of Raj Thackeray

In early 2008, Raj Thackeray led a violent movement in Maharashtra against the dominance of North Indians(especially against UP and Bihar).   His party along with Shiv Sena banned Australian cricketers participating in IPL 3 from playing in Mumbai as a protest against the attacks on Indian students in Australia.   In September 2008, MNS workers started blackening English signboards to enforce Marathi signboards to be used.   In 2008, Raj Thackeray threatened to ban all Bachchan films unless Jaya apologized (Jaya said that we are the people of UP so we will speak Hindi, not Marathi) in a public forum for hurting Maharashtrians. MNS workers started to attack theaters featuring films affiliated to her.It was only after Amitabh apologized for it.   On 2 October 2009, MNS workers disrupted the screening of the film Wake Up Sid on its release in a few Pune and Mumbai theaters after Thackeray objected to references in the movie to "Bombay" rather than "Mumbai". Mumbai was referred to as "Bombay" in many scenes.  

Information about Raj Thackeray

As a child, he learned the tabla, the guitar, and the violin.  He also contributed cartoons to Marmik, the weekly magazine of Bal Thackeray.  Does Raj Thackeray drink alcohol?: Not Known  Does Raj Thackeray smoke?: Not Known  Raj Thackeray always remains in controversies for his activities. Once Raj labeled Chhath Puja, a festival popular in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand calling it a 'drama' and a 'show of numerical strength'. He stated that the Chhath Puja was a political gimmick by some parties to attract the north Indian vote.  After resigning from Shiv Sena in 2006, Thackeray stated that he does not want to have hostilities with his uncle who 'was, is and always will be (his) mentor'.  Raj Thackeray is the son of Shrikant Thackeray, younger brother of Bal Thackeray. His Mother Kunda Thackeray also is the younger sister of Bal Thackeray's wife Meena Thackeray. 

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