Elly Mangat

Profession: Singer

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Shah Rukh Khan

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Babbu Maan

Controversies of Elly Mangat

He got into a controversy when Gangis Khan claimed that Elly has raped a 14-year-old girl in Brampton. Gangis made this statement through his Instagram story.   Elly landed into a controversy after getting into a feud with a person in the audience at his show in Australia. It all started when Karan Aujla got into a verbal spat with that person. The person in the audience started abusing Karan after which Elly fought with him.   Mangat even had a feud with the Punjabi singer, Mankirat Aulakh, for the song 'Gangland.'   Elly used bad words for the Punjabi singer Yo Yo Honey Singh through his Snapchat account. He said that people like Honey sing does not know how to sing, write, or do anything and still have a huge fan following but the real talent who can sing better are ignored by the public after which he had to face the wrath of Yo Yo's fans.   Elly even went into a war of words with the Punjabi singer Singga. It all started when Singga called Elly as 'Chotta' to which Elly replied that 'You Don't match up to my level ( Meri latt varga vi hai nahi ).'  

Information about Elly Mangat

Mangat is often seen singing songs that promote the use of drugs.  He got his nickname Elly from his friend Cheema who used to call him Elephant because of Elly's heavy-weight. When Mangat reduced his weight, his friend, Cheema, shortened his name to Elly.  Does Elly Mangat drink alcohol?: Yes  Some of his Punjabi songs include 'Jail,' 'Hands,' 'Weapons,' 'Fudu Gallan,' 'Death Line,' 'Ak 47,' 'Swag,' and 'My Pets.'  He got into a feud with Gangis Khan soon after the release of his second song 'Game.'  Elly Mangat started his career in 2015.  Does Elly Mangat smoke?: Yes  Initially, Elly was closely associated with Deep Jandu and Karan Aujla but later they parted their ways.  He confessed during an interview that he along with his friends consumes Cannabis (Ganja).  He got fame in 2015 from his debut song 'Angry Bird'. 

Information about Elly Mangat

On the right Bicep  On the left forearm: Babbu Maan's Face 

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