Baba Sehgal

Profession: Rapper, Singer, Actor

Wife of Baba Sehgal

Anju (divorced)

Affairs/Girlfriends of Baba Sehgal

Ashima Kalra

Controversies of Baba Sehgal

He was involved in an extra-marital affair with a girl who was around 15 years younger than him, he asked his wife Anju to leave the house.   His ex-wife filed a police complaint saying that Baba used to abuse her to get a divorce.  

Information about Baba Sehgal

He is known as 'First Indian Rapper'.  He is very active in south Indian film industry, he has sung over 100 Telugu , 40 Tamil and 20 Kannada songs.  He currently lives with his girlfriend Ashima Kalra who is around 15 years younger to him.  He came to Mumbai from Lucknow at the age of 18 to make his singing career.  Does Baba Sehgal drink alcohol?: Yes 

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