Jaggi Vasudev

Profession: Indian Yogi, Mystic, Author

Daughter of Jaggi Vasudev

Radhe Jaggi

Father of Jaggi Vasudev

Dr. Vasudev

Mother of Jaggi Vasudev

Susheela Vasudev

Wife of Jaggi Vasudev

Vijaykumari (a banker, died 23 January 1997)

Affairs of Jaggi Vasudev


Controversies of Jaggi Vasudev

In October 1997, after the death of his wife, a complaint was filed against him in Bangalore Police Station, accusing him of dowry harassment to his wife. Tamil media also tried to red flag Sadhguru for this reason.   A petition was filed at district collectorate in Tamil Nadu to get help for saving two adult women abducted and imprisoned in Isha Yoga centre, Coimbatore.   Environmentalists and many political leaders claimed that the Isha Yoga Center is situated on the forest land and encroaching the elephant corridor at Velliangiri Hills in the Western Ghats, lead to environmental damage and death of the elephants.  

Information about Jaggi Vasudev

In order to discover more about his mystical experience, he travelled various places, and after deep meditation of a year, he decided to share this inner experience with others.  As a child, he got attracted towards nature and liked to spend time in a forest near his house. He also developed a love for reptiles like snakes during this time.  For his contribution towards spirituality, the Indian Government conferred him the Padma Vibhushan award on 13 April 2017.  He was interested in travelling and motorbikes during his college days. He also used to go to Chamundi Hill near Mysore with his friends for nocturnal drives.  He has been actively involved in social outreach, environmental initiatives, and educational programmes.  At the age of twelve, he met Malladihalli Sri Raghavendra Swamiji and learned the simple yoga asanas. According to him, he has been practicing these asanas regularly without a single day's break.  He claims to have had a spiritual experience on 23 September 1982, while sitting on a rock at Chamundi Hill.  After completing his college studies, he tried several businesses like poultry farm, brick making, and construction, etc. In the mid-twenties, he was a successful businessman.  He liked to travel alone on his motorcycle at different places of India.  He is the founder of the Isha Foundation that offers Yoga programmes all over the world.  According to Jaggi Vasudev, he loves cooking and used to cook daily for her daughter. 

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