Jaggi Vasudev

Profession: Indian Yogi, Mystic, Author

Daughter of Jaggi Vasudev

Radhe Jaggi

Father of Jaggi Vasudev

Dr. Vasudev

Mother of Jaggi Vasudev

Susheela Vasudev

Wife of Jaggi Vasudev

Vijaykumari (a banker, died 23 January 1997)

Affairs of Jaggi Vasudev


Controversies of Jaggi Vasudev

In October 1997, after the death of his wife, a complaint was filed against him in Bangalore Police Station, accusing him of dowry harassment to his wife. Tamil media also tried to red flag Sadhguru for this reason.   A petition was filed at district collectorate in Tamil Nadu to get help for saving two adult women abducted and imprisoned in Isha Yoga centre, Coimbatore.   Environmentalists and many political leaders claimed that the Isha Yoga Center is situated on the forest land and encroaching the elephant corridor at Velliangiri Hills in the Western Ghats, lead to environmental damage and death of the elephants.  

Information about Jaggi Vasudev


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