Sunil Grover

Profession: Actor, Comedian

Father of Sunil Grover

J.N. Grover

Son of Sunil Grover


Wife of Sunil Grover


Favourite Actor of Sunil Grover

Shah Rukh Khan

Controversies of Sunil Grover

He left "Comedy Nights with Kapil" just because he asked Kapil for a salary hike, but Kapil refused to do so.   In March 2017, Kapil Sharma, who was reportedly drunk, was accused of being abusive to Sunil Grover on a flight from Melbourne, Australia. A few days later, Kapil admitted on Facebook that he had an 'argument' with Sunil and questioned the intentions of eyewitnesses who claimed that he had assaulted Sunil. In reply to which, Sunil posted a message on Facebook as given below.  

Information about Sunil Grover


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