C. P. Ramanujam

Profession: Mathematician

Father of C. P. Ramanujam

Chakravarthi Srinivasa Padmanabhan

Information about C. P. Ramanujam

His teacher and friend at this time was Father Charles Racine, Loyola College a missionary who had obtained his doctorate under the supervision of Elie Cartan  At the Tata Institute there was a stream of first-rate visiting mathematicians from all over the world  Did C. P. Ramanujam smoke?: Not Known  He and his friend and schoolmate Raghavan Narasimhan, and S. Ramanan joined TIFR together in 1957  Ramanujam set out for Mumbai at the age of eighteen to pursue his interest in mathematics.  It was a tradition for some graduate student to write up the notes of each course of lectures. Accordingly, Ramanujam wrote up in his first year, the notes of Max Deuring's lectures on Algebraic functions of one variable.  He had been taught mathematics by Father Charles Racine in his final honours years at Loyola College and he encouraged Ramanujam to apply for entry to the School of Mathematics at the Tata Institute in Bombay.  He finished his schooling in Town Hr.Sec. School , Kumbakonam and joined Loyola College in Madras in 1952  C. P. Ramanujam was an Indian mathematician who worked in the fields of number theory and algebraic geometry. He was elected a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 1973.  He was sometimes tormented by the difficulty of these high standards, but in retrospect, it is clear to us how often he succeeded in adding to our knowledge, results both new, beautiful and with a genuinely original stamp  Ramanujam was born to a Tamil family on 9 January 1938 in Madras (now Chennai), India, as the eldest of seven, to Chakravarthi Srinivasa Padmanabhan  He wanted mathematics to be beautiful and to be clear and simple  He studied not only algebraic geometry and analytic number theory of which he displayed a deep knowledge but he became an expert in several other allied subjects as well  As David Mumford put it, Ramanujam felt that the spirit of mathematics demanded of him not merely routine developments but the right theorem on any given topic  Did C. P. Ramanujam drink alcohol?: Not Known  On the suggestion of his doctoral advisor, K. G. Ramanathan, he began working on a problem relating to the work of the German number theorist Carl Ludwig Siegel  He wanted to specialise in mathematics and he set out to master it with vigour and passion. He also enjoyed music and his favourite musician was Dr. M. D. Ramanathan, a maverick concert musician 

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