Garry Sandhu

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Actor

Father of Garry Sandhu

Sohan Singh Sandhu (Driver) (died)

Affairs/Girlfriends of Garry Sandhu

Jasmine Sandlas

Favourite Actor of Garry Sandhu

Akshay Kumar

Favourite Actresses of Garry Sandhu

Kajol, Katrina Kaif

Favourite Colours of Garry Sandhu

White, Red

Favourite Cuisine of Garry Sandhu

Punjabi Food

Favourite Desserts of Garry Sandhu

Laddoo, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun

Favourite Singers of Garry Sandhu

Babbu Maan, Khan Saab

Favourite Sport of Garry Sandhu


Controversy of Garry Sandhu

At the age of 17, Garry went to the UK and resided there under a fake identity. In 2013, he was arrested by the UK police and jailed for 4 days after he was deemed to have been living in the country illegally. Sandhu was eventually deported to India.  

Information about Garry Sandhu

At the age of 17, Garry moved to the UK and worked there in some labour oriented tasks and also as a salesman.  Some of his hit songs include 'Dil De De,' 'Fresh,' 'Sahan To Pyariya,' 'Tohar,' 'Ik Tera Sahara,' 'Ego,' 'Excuses,' 'Banda Ban Ja,' 'Laddo,' 'Illegal Weapon,' 'Yeah Baby,' and 'Love You Jatta.'  He owns a record label 'Fresh Media Records' under which he releases his songs with many other artists. Garry has also launched a clothing line 'Fresh' which have its physical stores in Jalandhar, Amritsar, and Batala.  Garry is very particular about his hygiene and fitness and prefers cooking his own food.  Sandhu had a huge crush on Kajol in his teenage and he often used to bunk his classes to watch her movies.  In December 2018, there were rumours about Garry's split with Jasmine Sandlas. However, they were once again spotted doing shows together and sharing the same chemistry.  Garry Sandhu was born into a middle-class family.  Does Garry Sandhu drink alcohol?: Yes  He started learning Kavishri when he was just thirteen years old and often used to sing it in the Gurudwara Sahib along with his friend, Jaggi Sandhu.  Sandhu was poor at studies in his school days and often used to bunk his classes.  Garry was a football player in his school days.  He told during an interview that he has never received formal training in music.  Does Garry Sandhu smoke?: No  He got failed in his 10th standard and never went to the school again. 

Information about Garry Sandhu

On his Left Forearm: A Mike 

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